virtual internships
virtual internships

What is Internships (Virtual Internships’ University Internship Program)?

Virtual Internships is an education technology company that works with organisations to make university students more employable. Their ‘University Internship Program’ allows university students to receive a guaranteed virtual internship placement, working 20 to 30 hours weekly for a duration of 3 months. Students wanting to gain global work experience can complete an internship from the comfort of their homes. Regardless of the students’ academic curriculum, this online internship program by Virtual Internships is structured to provide students with the experience, knowledge, and insight to take control of their career management whilst planning seamlessly for their future successes.

Why should you enrol in the virtual internships program?

  • Guaranteed internship placement in your respective career fields.
  • Receive a Global Employability Certificate. 
  • Placement options in more than 1 country. 
  • Opportunity to choose from 3500 top-notch companies from over 65+ countries.
  • Enhance your familiarity with digital tools and tech-based work.
Virtual internships
Virtual internships

Advantages of Virtual Internships:

  • Build connections in global organisations
  • Leverage your resume to land a job of your choice
  • Learn virtual communication skills
  • Update yourself with digital tools
  • Online internships could lead to a full-time job after graduation

18 Virtual Internships Career Fields


Computer Science & IT

Creative, Design & Fashion

Entrepreneurship & Startup

Hospitality, Events,

& Tourism

International Dev,

NGOs, Charities


Recruitment & HR

Urban Planning & Architecture

Real Estate

Logistics & Supply Chain

Media & Communications

Green Tech, Sustainability

& Environmental

Health, Wellness,

& Sports Management

Healthcare & 


Here’s how you can enrol!

Step -1

Register with Virtual Internships via AECC Global.

Step -2

Discover your opportunities & pay the acceptance fee.

Step -3
Upskill yourself via a professional development curriculum.

Step -4

Get matched to a company & make your final payment.

So what happens after registering?

Process 1

Upon enrollment, you will be asked to complete a video student profile. 

Process 2

The video profile acts as a resume to share with hundreds of virtual internships' partnered companies.

Process 3

Once an organisation shows interest in you, you’ll be asked to book an interview.

Support System for Virtual Internships

  • Dedicated Intern Experience Manager
  • An Internship Coach
  • Weekly Group Discussions
  • Fortnightly Business Webinars
  • A Company Supervisor to assign tasks, projects, and provide feedback

Step by Step Placement Process

Step 1 - Student confirms admissions offer from the virtual internships
Step 2 - An host company expresses interest
Step 3 - Virtual interview with the host company
Step 4 - Host company offers the internship
Step 5 - Student accepts the offer

Internship Organisations’ Profile

Host companies are based in over 70+ countries, including Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, the USA and UK.


Large Companies
(>100 employees)
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(10-100 employees)
fas fa-hotel


(<10 employees)
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fas fa-rocket
have < 10 Employees
fas fa-chart-pie
have < 10 - 100 Employees
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have > 100 Employees

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