Cost of studying in Australia for Nepalese students

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Cost of studying in Australia may come across as expensive for a few, but planning your budget and other expenses smartly can aid you in getting a hold of managing your finances effectively. 

While preparing to study in Australia or before you apply for a student visa, it is important to consider expenses such as health coverage, accommodation, food and travel along with your academic fee. Besides, Australian institutions’ tuition fee varies depending upon the territory and the institution you opt to study. 

To help aspiring international students like you save the cost of studying in Australia, the Australian government and universities offer scholarships to well deserving students. In order to help you plan your expenses better, we have listed below the relevant cost of studying and living in Australia. Read on!


The IPRS - International Postgraduate Research Scholarship scheme in Australia, allows you to enrol in a postgraduate research course and get exposure while collaborating with leading Australian researchers. The IPRS scholarship covers tuition fees and health cover costs.

Australia Awards is an unusual scholarship focused on promoting enduring ties between Australia and other countries through substantial scholarship programs. This scholarship is offered under an achievement criterion permitting only the most deserving researchers, students, and professionals to study in Australia (sponsored by govt).

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Tuition Fees in Australia:

International undergraduate students can expect to spend between AUD 20,000 and 45,000 (tuition fee) for courses that last between 3 and 4 years in Australia. For a masters course, you may have to pay a tuition fee ranging between 20,000 and 50,000 AUD.  

International students are asked to pay their tuition fees much prior. Some universities also include other charges with tuition fees, including laboratory, sports facilities, and library costs. You should also plan for expenses such as excursions, books, and stationery and other mandatory materials specific to a particular course such as camera and lab coats. 

Cost of studying in Australia for Nepalese students- accommodation 

Accommodation costs in Australia universities vary, depending upon the region. In the Northern or Western Australian states, students can find accommodation comfortably at a cheaper cost. Whereas in the urban areas, like Sydney, the accommodation cost is relatively higher.

Types of accommodation Cost
On-campus 400 – 1,100 AUD/month
Homestay 450 - 1,200 AUD/month
Rental 380 -850 AUD/month

Other essential cost of studying in Australia:

  • In a few regions, rented accommodation cost is included with utility cost as well. 
  • The average electricity and gas bill is between AUD 50 and 100/month. 
  • The internet cost is between AUD 70-120/month. 
  • The waste management bill is AUD 50/ month - which is usually split between tenants in shared accommodation.
  • All international students applying for a Student Visa to study in Australia must submit proof of having AUD 21,041 living cost per year for a minimum of 1 to 2 years. In addition, the student visa cost can be up to AUD 620.
  • OHSC is a mandatory health cover in Australia which can cost between AUD 400 and 500 for 3 years. Health cover cost varies across regions and depends on the health covers scheme an international student may opt for.
  • Some institutions also charge for (SSAF) Student Services and Amenities Fee on top of tuition fees. This is a non-academic fee to offer support and service program to all students studying in a particular university. Depending upon the region and the institution, this fee may vary between AUD 300 to 400.
  • As a part of proving funds, all international students must submit proof of return airfare cost.
  • Students who are travelling via public transportation will be spending between AUD 30-60/week. In order to reduce transportation cost, one can either buy/rent a bicycle. Bicycles are one of the popular modes of transport for students studying in urban areas, particularly in Melbourne. 

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Tips to manage your expenses:

Since entertainment and living costs are expensive in Australia, you must apply for an International Student Identity Card, which costs AUD 30. The ISIC card is a proof of your International student status in Australia. Using this card, you can get a 20% discount at cafes and restaurants, 5% discount at groceries shop, and a 40% discount for international airfares. Hence, ISIC is the best option for international students trying to save their expenses significantly.

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