5 Reasons to Attend International Education Fair 2020

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Zooming in on a study abroad destination? Fantasizing for years to pursue a professional course overseas?

Inquisitive to explore diverse profession & culture across the globe?

Longing to explore your career dreams overseas with various Scholarships?

To accomplish all your study abroad dreams into reality, AECC Global Nepal has organized the International Education Fair (IEF) 2020 event across 3 cities in Nepal.

Curious to know more about the event? Here are 5 reasons why you should attend the International Education Fair 2020.

Why You Should Attend IEF 2020?
IEF 2020 is the best interactive forum that connects Nepal students with top-notch university representatives from developed countries like Canada, the USA & UK, New Zealand and Australia.

In this event, you can clarify all your overseas education queries right from the course fee, best universities (to pursue your dream course), scholarship options, accommodation and visa process in all the above-mentioned countries.


You may have a handful of courses to explore but you be confused with a bunch of second thoughts like which country or university to choose from many others; to pursue your dream course overseas. To wind up this confusion, we have facilitated the IEF 2020 event with our expert counsellors to interact with you, giving suitable solutions to your study abroad queries.


You can have a one-on-one discussion with university representatives from 5 developed countries, where you get an opportunity to discuss various scholarship options, course tenure and country-specific queries.


After setting your foot at IEF 2020, you are eligible to receive application fee waivers from 25+ top-ranked universities from 5 countries. These waivers aid you to have a better perception of what basis the universities charge for each course, to compare course fees of your preferred universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and UK. The waivers are conditional to fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria.


At the IEF 2020 event, you can accomplish half of your overseas education dreams. Sounds interesting, right? Yes! On successful validation of your documents by the university representatives, you can fill the application form & register yourself in your desired university, on-spot.


Commonly, each overseas institution offers diverse scholarship options to international students. But are you aware of the scholarships being offered by the Australian, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, and the Canadian government to international students?

Yes! There are umpteen scholarships that bring you a step ahead to achieve your overseas education dream. At IEF 2020, you can get the scholarship list of each participating country instantly.

Still, thinking to walk in at IEF 2020?

For your convenience, we have organized this event as Free in-House Event

Step into IEF 2020 as a Nepal student and step out from the event as a registered student of your dream study abroad university.

To know more about your favourite study abroad destinations, click on the below link

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