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While Nepal hasn’t shown any major signs of being a primary victim of the on-going pandemic, fortunately, the government has initiated lockdown till April 3rd to prevent virus transmission across the country - The Covid 19 (Coronavirus).

With such a global crisis prevailing, AECC Global Nepal is concerned about the health of Nepal students who are pursuing their higher studies in other countries. We care for the health & welfare of our students, as much as we care about the success of their future.

Our guidance does not stop with just helping Nepali students to go study abroad, but also extends to each student’s safety and security in a foreign land.

To keep students, parents, and their peers updated about the status of coronavirus; we have collated useful information country-wise in this blog to help Nepal students studying across the globe.

Coronavirus (Covid19) updates in Australia & educational institutions preventive measures

To safeguard the international students’ and the citizen’s lives, the Australian Government has declared this pandemic as a “human biosecurity emergency” and imposed the level 4 travel ban for an indefinite period. It currently allows only the Australian citizens, PR holders and their family members to enter Australia.

Precautionary measures for international students studying in Australia

The Universities and private institutions have also come hand in hand to support the students by enabling online classes, allowing flexibility with the semester timelines, and providing financial aid to Nepal students (international students). 

If any of your family members, peers, or colleagues are studying in Australia, you can contact this emergency number to get to know about the country’s pandemic situation.
Helpline number  - 1800 020 080

Coronavirus (Covid19) updates in Canada & educational institutions preventive measures 

Acting upon this crisis, the Canadian Government has enforced stringent rules which ensures that no foreign nationals come into Canada and no international students travel to their home country until June 30, 2020. 

Precautionary measures for international students studying in Canada

With the effect of social distancing, the course assignments, exams, and other forms of assessment are suspended until 30th March. The higher educational institutions have adapted online classes starting from March 20 to 30 based on the institution’s priority. The goal is to enable students to adhere to their academic terms remotely.
Helpline number - 416-338-7600

Coronavirus (Covid19) updates in The USA & educational institutions preventive measures 

Having been one of the primarily affected countries, the US Government has mandated lockdown across the states until March 30th. Based on the coronavirus transmission rate, this lockdown can extend until April.

Precautionary measures for international students studying in the USA

The Universities across the United States of America have announced the closure of their campuses and send as many students as it can to their home country due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in the country. 

Harvard University being the first university to confirm a case with coronavirus, was among the earliest to ask all students to move out of the university on March 15. The students of MIT, Princeton, and Stanford are also asked to return home if their home country is currently permitting air service into their boundary.
 Helpline number: 651-201-5414 

Coronavirus (Covid19) updates in the UK & educational institutions preventive measures 

Since the UK’s coronavirus transmission rate has been on a rise, the government has shut down the schools on March 20 with no further notice regarding scheduled exams of May and June. 

Precautionary measures for international students studying in the UK

With the effect of WHO’s warning, the UK government has amended complete lockdown on March 24 which includes all academic institutions (schools, government & private colleges). Universities like Kentucky, Coventry, Durham, and other public educational institutions have suspended formal teaching methods and moved to digital or online modes for their courses, exams, and assessment.

The following are the preventive measures taken by UK universities for international students:

  • They have cancelled all events and open days on-campus, with no further notice.
  • They have cancelled all course-related field trips.
  • They have suspended international travel (a government initiative).
  • They have postponed graduation ceremonies scheduled for March & April, whilst ensuring degrees are awarded. 

Helpline number:  01752 587676

Coronavirus (Covid19) updates in New Zealandeducational institutions preventive measures 

 The New Zealand Government on March 23rd announced that the alert level has been raised to the 3rd grade and mentioned that it may even hit the 4th grade. Hence, the government announced complete lockdown for 4 consecutive weeks and it could be extended based on the virus transmission. 

Precautionary measures for international students studying in New Zealand

Following the government's preventive measures towards the COVID-19 alert level, the University of Wellington, the University of Auckland, the University of Waikato, and other academic institutions have paused the classroom teaching method. 

As a result, all educational institutions have adapted online study modes for semesters and assessments. This practice will be in existence until the government officially announces that international students can fly back to their respective home countries.
Helpline number: 0800 358 5453  

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